Besides bending, rolling and forming of tubes and sections, Vogel Tube Bending can assemble the bent tubes and sections into a ready-to-install end product. We can also weld all the metals we bend and roll such as steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, and cunifer. By means of different welding techniques, we can apply components such as turning parts, flexibles, supports, saddles, plugs, sockets, couplings and flanges. Vogel Tube bending has certified professionals who command different welding techniques such as MIG/MAG, TIG and Orbital welding. Besides manual welding, we also have various manipulators, automatic machines and a welding robot available. Under Products you can find examples of weld constructions. Ask about our possibilities – we will be glad to advise you.

Orbital welding

Vogel Tube Bending possesses modern orbital welding equipment. In orbital welding, a TIG welding torch rotates around the workpiece in a pre-programmed path. This mechanised process is exceptionally suited for different steel and stainless steel pipework systems or pipe-plate connections in heat exchangers. Orbital welding guarantees exceptional quality with a minimal risk of welding faults and high reproducibility. For this reason, this welding technique is widely applied in for example the food and drinks industry. A welding report can be supplied for every weld carried out. So you get a weld with a certificate, a must for welding work applied in for example power stations.

Robot welding

Vogel has been gaining experience with robot welding ever since 1989. We possess an ultra-modern welding robot with multiple stations that can be loaded independently of each other so the robot can keep welding continuously. Vogel Tube Bending has its own engineering and tool shop departments and we develop and produce customer-specific welding fixtures ourselves.

Aluminium welding

Aluminium is finding ever wider and more varied application. Vogel Tube Bending is continuously training and educating its personnel, with the aim of being able to provide customer-specific solutions. Because we have knowledge of the metallurgical properties of this excellent material, we are able to achieve a repeatedly high production level.

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